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From whom am I buying?

Chileanmade is an online market of unique and handmade objects. Here you buy through Chileanmade, who is in direct contact and relationship with its belonging brands. However if you want to visit just one brand you can go to the brand’s personalized shop, check their valuation, sales done and products in stock.

If you have a doubt you can communicate with Chileanmade who will solve all your inconveniences as soon as possible.

Who sets product warranties?

Each product goes through quality control before been shipped. If there’s any problem or inconveniences please contact Chileanmade in order to get a solution either with total or partial money refunds or with a new product.

The payment of my product is safe?

The payments are made only through PayPal. Buyer must know that PayPal applies a fee for the purchases. PayPal keeps all your data encrypted and Chileanmade maintains an SSL certificate to secure the encryption of your data.

The stated cost of the product is excluding taxes and shipping. The total cost of the purchase will have the taxes and shipping costs detailed. The buyer should be aware that the products are shipped internationally, so they can have different customs duties corresponding to their respective countries.

Who ships my product?

Chileanmade personally send your purchased product, via Federal Express.

What if you do not receive your order?

If you do not receive the product you paid, first verify if the payment was processed in your bank account, if it has been processed contact us promptly commenting whole process done, attaching the corresponding receipts.

Problems with the purchased product?

If the product you received is not reliable to the image shown and does not reflect what you expected, you have to contact Chileanmade in order to define a mutual solution (for the seller and the buyer.

Please if you have more questions please send an email to contacto@chileanmade.com