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Who are we

Chileanmade is a store that wants to promote the textile design of the national artisan around the world. This store is where you can buy unique textile designs, so you will not find people with the same designs.
Our authors are passionate and absolutely creative, they stand out by their goo quality, because every product is made very meticulously by hand.
When you buy at Chileanmade you are supporting a textile designer entrepreneur, who is fighting everyday against the big importations and also the devaluation in his country. The designer is who manage every creation process, from the design of the product, purchase of source materials and the production process.
In Chileanmade we fight against the mass production, we are in favor of a ethic and just production.


Unique and handmade products by Chilean Designers.
The vision of Chileanmade is to promote and commercialize the Chilean textile production.
Every product present at Chileanmade is made under a faire commerce and ethic al negotiations with the creator, artisan and designers.